Lex Lata


Lex Lata is a publishing house oriented mainly to international law and scientific institution incorporated in the Netherlands. Lex Lata was founded with a vision to establish prominent institution with a lucid specialization. Gathering the foremost specialists in the wide field of the international law from all over the world, our aim is to create an opened platform providing a melting pot for new progressive thinking in the area of international law.


Main fields of interest

Lex Lata is oriented on problematic encompassing all aspects of the international law, i.e.:

- private international law;

- public international law;

- European law;

- International arbitration;

- Constitutional law;

- issues of foreign elements in the domestic law, etc.


What we do

Regarding its main fields of interest, Lex Lata specializes primarily on the publishing activities of periodicals same as of non-periodical publications, focusing on providing publishing opportunities to young prospective authors. Next to its publishing activities in the field of international law, company focuses on execution of scientific projects, elaboration of expert opinions same as on research activities of scientific nature,. Further, our aim is to organize scientific events for academics and professionals on the topics actual in the given field.


Lex Lata publishing house has already came out with presentation Rome Database at the 24th Biennial Congress on the Law of the World (WJA) held in Prague on October 23rd - 28th, 2011.


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